H Parts

Engine Parts
Part # Part Description Price
63119DAXConnecting Rod Bolt Assy$5.00
45671DGovernor Drive Gear$15.00
364941R91Oil Pump Gear & Shaft$70.00
45052DOil Pump Driven Pinion$35.00
43785DConnecting Rod$40.00
356731R94Governor Overhaul Package$200.00
359000R91Governor Carrier W/ Weights$100.00
Transmission Parts
Part # Part Description Price
52939D1st & 2nd Speed Driving Gear$75.00
65272D3rd & 4th Speed Driving Gear, 7MPH Fourth Gear$85.00
353539R2Bull & Brake Pinion Shaft$75.00
50327DAXReverse Idler W/ Bushings, To S/N 19379 $75.00
56421DXReverse Idler W/ Bushings, above S/N 19379 $75.00
361117R1Transmission Main Shaft$150.00
57262DTransmission Main Shaft$150.00
361117R1Transmission Main Shaft$150.00
43312DReverse Idler Bushing$5.00
9303DXCountershaft Bearing Retainer W/Seal$30.00
48466DADifferential Bevel Gear$20.00
51563D1st & Reverse Sliding Gear$85.00
Misc. Parts
Part # Part Description Price
6691DAClutch Release Bearing Retainer$30.00
6690DClutch Release Carrier Sleeve$40.00
6245DFront Wheel Hub Retainer$5.00
6745DAGenerator Pulley Base$15.00
48679DXGovernor Bellcrank Bracket W/ Pin$30.00
52983DXBattery To Ground Cable, Lighting Only Attachment$20.00
51292DFlip Pan Seat Pin$10.00
357883R1Liftall Driven Gear Bushing$10.00
54235DMagneto Ignition Switch Cable$10.00
48984DRear Wheel Rim Clamp$3.00
351847R91Shutter Control Crank$25.00
51820DStarting Kick Pin, Early H$10.00
50038DBSteering Worm Gear$165.00
59836DSteering Knuckle Pivot Outer Bearing Race$5.00
55413DSteering Knuckle Pivot Inner Bearing Race$5.00