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M Parts

Gas Engine Parts
Part # Part Description Price
47398DCarburetor Float & Lever Assy$25.00
45935DGovernor Drive Gear$15.00
359000R91Governor Carrier With Weights$100.00
356952R92Exhaust Valve Rotator$3.00
45748DARWrist Pin Bushing$5.00
Diesel Engine Parts
Part # Part Description Price
264664R1Idler Gear, M Diesel$125.00
260875R91Injector Nozzle Assembly, M Diesel$125.00
52613DDInjector Nozzle, M Diesel$100.00
260875R91Injector Nozzle Assembly, M Diesel$125.00
46606DXOil Filter Retainer Bolt, M Diesel$10.00
53567DPre-Combustion Chamber, Early M Diesel$50.00
51169DStarting Valve Spring, M Diesel$15.00
8198DRValve Guide, M Diesel$7.00
45748DARWrist Pin Bushing$5.00
Transmission Parts
Part # Part Description Price
51574D1st & Reverse Sliding Gear, to S/N 13806$85.00
56553D1st & Reverse Sliding Gear, Above S/N 13806$85.00
50331D1st & 2nd Speed Driven Gear, Fits tractors below 13806$75.00
51575D2nd & 3rd Speed Sliding Gear$110.00
56535DA4th & 5th Speed Sliding Gear, Above S/N 13806$150.00
48417DConstant Mesh Gear$85.00
57270DFTransmission Main Shaft, Same As 355720R93$150.00
355720R93Transmission Main Shaft, Same As 57270DF$150.00
357019R1Transmission Shaft Bearing Spacer$20.00
9572DPTO Oil Seal Retainer$15.00
Misc. Parts
Part # Part Description Price
375304R91Clutch Lever Package$15.00
52874DClutch Lever Spring$2.00
6777DAManifold Heat Valve, For Distillate/Kerosene Manifold$35.00
49343DGenerator Base$10.00
52645DFuel Line, Tank To Strainer, Fits M Serial Number 501-12693$15.00
358559R91Clutch Lever Package$15.00
52847DClutch Lever Spring$2.00
9098DSteering Shaft Center Bearing, Fits S/N 24215 & Up$30.00
58657DSwinging Drawbar Pivot Pin, Fits S/N S/N 501-23105$5.00
51292DFlip Seat Pin$10.00
357883R91Liftall Driven Gear Bushing$10.00
351847R91Shutter Control Crank$25.00
6245DFront Wheel Hub Retainer$5.00
6745DAGenerator Pulley Base$15.00
Q1249Starting Kick Pin, Early M$10.00
59836DSteering Knuckle Pivot Bearing Outer Race$5.00
55413DSteering Knuckle Pivot Bearing inner Race$5.00
52621DControl Cross Shaft Link, M Diesel$25.00
52625DControl Cross Shaft Jaw, M Diesel$25.00
52626DControl Cross Shaft Governor Lever, M Diesel$30.00
358003R91Magneto Drive, M Diesel$40.00
49091DYMagneto Member, Complete, M Diesel$15.00
258634R93Oil Pressure Gauge, M Diesel$65.00
49450DService Meter$175.00
49663DUpper Bolster Felt$3.00