Here is another project i am currently working on so that more information is available to help in your restoration. The following is a list of tune-up information that is segregated by tractor. The information included will help you achieve optimum performance out of you IH tractor. All information included in this section is from IH service manuals. More torque information will be comming soon.

Farmall A, B, BN, AV Farmall Super A and AV
Farmall Super A1 and AV1 Farmall C
Farmall Super C Farmall 100
Farmall 130 Farmall 200
Farmall 230 Farmall 240
Farmall CUB International Cub Cadet
H, W4, O4, OS4 Super H, Super W4
Farmall 300 300 Utility
Farmall 350 350 Utility
M, MV, W-6 Series MD, MDV, WD-6 Series
Super M, MV, Super W-6 Series Super MD, MDV, Super WD-6 Series
Farmall 400 400 Diesel
Farmall 450 450 Diesel
W-9 WD-9
600, 650 Super WD-9, 600D, 650D
Farmall 140 International 330
Farmall 340