W9, 600 & 650Parts

Part # Part DescriptionPrice
258210R92Clutch Driven Disc W/Facings for IH Over-Center Clutch$65.00
253216R1Connecting Rod Bolt Lock, Diesel Engine$2.00/ea
62946DAAuxillary Fuel Oil Filter Element, Diesel$5.00/ea
358003R91Magnteto Impules Coupling, Complete$40.00
52824DIntake Valve, Gas Engine$40.00/ea
52825DAExhaust Valve, Gas Engine$40.00/ea
48053DEIntake Valve, Diesel Engine$45.00/ea
61506DIntake Valve, Distillate & Kerosene Engine$40.00/ea
61507DExhaust Valve, Distillate & Kerosene Engine$40.00/ea
261805R91Service Meter, Gas or Diesel Engine$200.00
WD9/650DCamWD9 thru 650 Diesel Camshaft Bearing Set$OUT
47507DAConnecting Rod Bearing Locks$2.00/ea
258210R92Clutch Disc W/Facings, IH Over-Center Clutch$65.00
357682R91Piston Ring Set, W9 4.4" Distillate & Kerosene$75.00
250610R92Injection Pipe Sleeve$1.00/ea
39677DAFuel Oil Bleeder$4.00/ea
251050R91Fuel Injection Pipe Nut, Pump End$5.00/ea
250617R91Fuel Injection Pipe Nut$5.00
52132DAXSTD Connecting Rod Bearing, WD9 Early$175/set of 4
251684R31STD Connecting Rod Bearing, Late WD9 Thru 650 Diesel$125/set of 4
39626D18mm Spark Plug Adaptor, Pneumatic Tire Pump$2.00/ea
62301DTransmission Input Shaft, W9 S/N 608-44118$150.00
53148DBClutch Coupling Ring, W9-650$75.00
58549DBGear Shift Lever, W9-650$65.00
58532DFFirst & Reverse Shift Fork, W9 S/N 501-14387$75.00
70344D/70343D2nd & 3rd Speed Shift Fork, W9 S/N 10146-14387$75.00
60764DCShift Rail Guide W/Springs, W9 S/N 3551-14387$50.00
60764DShift Rail Guide W/O Springs, W9 S/N 3551-14387$35.00
58446DAReverse Idler Gear, W9-650$70.00
251658R1Camshaft Gear, W9-650 Gas & Diesel$100.00
58663DCGovernor Control Handle, W9-650 Gas$50.00
46606DXOil Filter Retaining Bolt$10.00
58448DReverse Idler Shaft, W9-650$50.00
271700R1Upper Rear Main Seal Retainer, W9-650$70.00
58432DAFirst & Second Speed Driving Gear$60.00
58442DAPulley Drive Gear$60.00
261202R1USED Magneto or Distributor Drive Gear, Diesel, WD9 S/n 22240 & up, 600D, 650D$30.00
261202R1NOS Magneto or Distributor Drive Gear, Diesel, WD9 S/n 22240 & up, 600D, 650D$70.00
261199R1Crankshaft Gear, W9-650 Gas & Diesel, Works For 47629D$100.00
276073R11Injection Nozzle, WD9 S/N 18001 & UP, 600D, 650D$75.00/ea
264056R1Oil Pump Pinion, Gas & Diesel$30.00
251766R11Idler Gear Shaft, Gasoline, W9 S/N 501-31812$50.00
48057DValve Keeper, W9-650 Gas & Diesel$0.50/ea
53568DPre Combustion Chamber, WD9 S/N 501-18000$50.00
363609R1Frame Bracket Cushion Locator, Hydraulic Cylinder & Valve, For Power Steering, SW9-650$2.00
83222DRValve Guide, Gasoline, W9-650$15.00/ea
355697R2Generator Pulley, WD9-650D$30.00
20585DWater Pump Driver, Gas or Diesel, $25.00
55975DASteering Knuckle Arm Ball, W9-650$15.00
67746DAGearshift Rail Poppet, W9-650$3.00/ea
46209DValve Keeper, WD9-650D$0.50/ea
360081R92Clutch Lever Kit, W9-650$15.00
271703R92Rear Main Seal, pair , SW9-650$100.00
32581DXBNeedle & Seat, Starting Carb, WD9-650D$40.00
USED Magneto or Distributor Drive Gear, Diesel, WD9 S/n 22240 & up, 600D, 650D$30.00
29902DCarburetor Fuel Inlet, Gasoline$10.00
59658DOil Pan Drain Plug Washer, WD9-650D$0.50/ea
353937R1Distributor Mount Clamp$2.00
49091DYMagneto Member, Complete, WD9-650D$15.00
61726DABrake Compression Spring, W9 & Super W9$25.00
366650R92Regulator & safety Valve Service Package$50.00
271701R1lower Rear Seal Retainer, W/seal, SW9-650 Gas & Diesel$75.00
58438DFirst & Reverse Sliding Gear, 43 Teeth, W9-650$80.00
381731R91Crankcase Overhaul Gasket Package, W9-650 Gas $40.00
53853DBEngine Overhaul Gasket Set, W9 S/N 501-31812$OUT